Pros & Cons of Pokémon Sun Roms
Posted on: January 23, 2017, by : pkadmin

Interested in using a Pokémon Sun rom?  Below we go over the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it is worthwhile.

Pros of a Pokémon Sun Rom

  • Your Very Own Copy: The best thing about using a Pokémon Sun rom is that you have a backup of your very own.  You can store the backup or use it to play.  You can also store the backup on your computer or on external hard drives as well.
  • Improved Experience: You will have the ability to better customize your gaming experience.  Having a rom allows you to expand on the experience, providing increased flexibility in things like saving and game saves.
  • Cost Effective: Ignoring the costs of the hardware, a Pokémon Sun rom saves you the cost of the game itself.
    Works With A Hacked 3DS: Some hacked 3DS’s have issues playing traditional games and having your very own Pokémon Sun rom can help you enjoy the game on your hacked 3DS.

Cons of a Pokémon Sun Rom

  • Can Be Buggy: While Pokémon Sun roms can be a lot of fun, they can also be buggy. Depending on the copy you get and the quality of that copy, you may experience random game glitches or pauses at certain parts of the game.
  • May Have To Be Updated: You may have to update the rom or get a new rom if you update the hack you are using for your 3DS.  Backward and forward compatibility are not always guaranteed and ensuring that you can play your rom will take some work.
  • Challenge Installing: As mentioned above, there are multiple challenges that can be time consuming to overcome when you are installing Pokémon Sun.
  • Challenge Finding Safe Roms: A big challenge is finding safe places online where you can install a Pokémon Sun rom without getting a virus, malware, etc.  This will require some time to find and precautions taken to virus scan anything you download.


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