Other Considerations
Posted on: January 23, 2017, by : pkadmin

A tricky question that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to thinking about download Pokémon Sun ROM for 3DS is the morality question.  It is technically illegal as it is seen as getting the game without paying for it.  At the very worst, it is stealing.  At the same time, there are justifiable reasons to download Pokémon Sun roms.  For example, if something were to happen to the game you legally buy, you would have no recourse but to purchase it again.  A Pokémon Sun rom lets you back up your game and preserve a copy incase something happens to the physical copy.  In addition, downloading a Pokémon Sun rom can let you experience the game and consider for yourself whether or not it is worth purchasing before you invest the $50 to buy it.  In the end, what you end up doing, and how you justify it is your own business.  Just know that there are many different ways to view the same thing.  Also know that the company in charge of the game is less than thrilled about what you are doing.


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