How Roms Work
Posted on: January 23, 2017, by : pkadmin

Unlike Ram, Rom has data that once applied cannot be altered without completely removing it.  The benefit of such a system is that it makes it easier for programs and software to read and access it.  Rom is often considered non-volatile as it is read only memory instead of being random access memory.  The rom system is used when hacking Nintendo 3DS as well as 3DS games to provide stability on the platform and a gaming experience that has as few bugs as possible.

When using a rom with a Nintendo 3DS, you will require a 3DS card as well as a computer you can use to read SD cards.  Finding the information you want to install, you install into the SD card before removing it from your computer and putting it in your 3DS.  With a hacked 3DS, you can then access the rom you’ve made and play the game.  Issues with compatibility can come up and will require some time spent problem-solving potential issues.

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