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How Roms Work

Unlike Ram, Rom has data that once applied cannot be altered without completely removing it.  The benefit of such a system is that it makes it easier for programs and software to read and access it.  Rom is often considered non-volatile as it is read only memory instead of being random access memory.  The rom system is used when hacking Nintendo 3DS as well as 3DS games to provide stability on the platform and a gaming experience that has as few bugs as possible.

When using a rom with a Nintendo 3DS, you will require a 3DS card as well as a computer you can use to read SD cards.  Finding the information you want to install, you install into the SD card before removing it from your computer and putting it in your 3DS.  With a hacked 3DS, you can then access the rom you’ve made and play the game.  Issues with compatibility can come up and will require some time spent problem-solving potential issues.

How To Use A Pokémon Sun Rom

Using a Pokémon Sun Rom will require a couple of steps that you will have to follow one after the other.  Know that installing and using a rom can be tricky your first time.  While there is a learning curve, you will eventually be able to get it if you have the right hardware, software, and time to experiment.  Steps include acquiring the necessary hardware, finding a download Pokémon Sun rom for 3DS, installing it on your SD card, transferring it to your 3DS, and running.


  1. The Right Hardware: It has never been easier to get the right hardware for your rom.  First, you will need a 3DS capable of playing Pokémon Sun.  Second, you will need to get a blank SD card that is large enough to have the Pokémon Sun rom in it.  Third, you will need an SD card reader.  Many laptops come with these already.  You can also get a USB to SD card reader if you do not have a native port available.  Forth, you will need a computer with access to the internet and that can read and install the Pokémon Sun rom onto the SD card.


  1. Downloading Pokémon Sun Rom: This may be the most challenging part of the entire process.  You will have to find a place where you can download Pokémon Sun ROM for 3DS.  It will have to be a safe and secure place as there are many dud websites out there hoping that you will install their malware masquerading as Pokémon Sun.  The best thing you can do is to review forums and message boards to see what people are using.  The recommendations of others should always trump the promises of a website.


  1. Installation: Installation is a rather simple process.  With the SD Card inserted, you download the Pokémon Sun rom from online and install it onto the SD Card.  You should get instructions from the providers of the rom how to do this as well as whether or not there are things you will have to watch out for.  If installation does not go according to plan, then there may be problems with either your SD Card or the file you are attempting to download and install.


  1. Transfer/Configuration: Once you have everything on the SD Card, your next step is to disconnect the SD Card from your computer and transfer it over to your Nintendo 3DS.  Once you put it in, turn on your Nintendo 3DS.  It may take some time to configure the 3DS to see the game depending on the rom you load and whether or not it will be instantly recognizable.


  1. Running: With the previous 4 steps complete, all that is left for you to do is to start running it!  With any luck it should boot up and there you have it, your very own Pokémon Sun rom!  If it does not boot up, then consider the rom you downloaded first.  Also review your current hacked 3DS software to see whether or not it can support the game.

Pros & Cons of Pokémon Sun Roms

Interested in using a Pokémon Sun rom?  Below we go over the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it is worthwhile.

Pros of a Pokémon Sun Rom

  • Your Very Own Copy: The best thing about using a Pokémon Sun rom is that you have a backup of your very own.  You can store the backup or use it to play.  You can also store the backup on your computer or on external hard drives as well.
  • Improved Experience: You will have the ability to better customize your gaming experience.  Having a rom allows you to expand on the experience, providing increased flexibility in things like saving and game saves.
  • Cost Effective: Ignoring the costs of the hardware, a Pokémon Sun rom saves you the cost of the game itself.
    Works With A Hacked 3DS: Some hacked 3DS’s have issues playing traditional games and having your very own Pokémon Sun rom can help you enjoy the game on your hacked 3DS.

Cons of a Pokémon Sun Rom

  • Can Be Buggy: While Pokémon Sun roms can be a lot of fun, they can also be buggy. Depending on the copy you get and the quality of that copy, you may experience random game glitches or pauses at certain parts of the game.
  • May Have To Be Updated: You may have to update the rom or get a new rom if you update the hack you are using for your 3DS.  Backward and forward compatibility are not always guaranteed and ensuring that you can play your rom will take some work.
  • Challenge Installing: As mentioned above, there are multiple challenges that can be time consuming to overcome when you are installing Pokémon Sun.
  • Challenge Finding Safe Roms: A big challenge is finding safe places online where you can install a Pokémon Sun rom without getting a virus, malware, etc.  This will require some time to find and precautions taken to virus scan anything you download.


Other Considerations

A tricky question that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to thinking about download Pokémon Sun ROM for 3DS is the morality question.  It is technically illegal as it is seen as getting the game without paying for it.  At the very worst, it is stealing.  At the same time, there are justifiable reasons to download Pokémon Sun roms.  For example, if something were to happen to the game you legally buy, you would have no recourse but to purchase it again.  A Pokémon Sun rom lets you back up your game and preserve a copy incase something happens to the physical copy.  In addition, downloading a Pokémon Sun rom can let you experience the game and consider for yourself whether or not it is worth purchasing before you invest the $50 to buy it.  In the end, what you end up doing, and how you justify it is your own business.  Just know that there are many different ways to view the same thing.  Also know that the company in charge of the game is less than thrilled about what you are doing.


Download Pokémon Sun Rom for 3DS

Interested in knowing where to go to find out more information on download Pokémon Sun ROM for 3DS?  The first place you should consider going is to the sub reddit on Reddit.  There is an entire group dedicated to this topic and it is the perfect place to start looking for information.  You can see what people think and judge for yourself whether or not to trust the source.  In a lot of ways, it takes some of the guesswork out of the process and leaves you in a far better position to get a real Pokémon Sun rom.  It will also help you get the most updated version of the software.

Any list we make of places to download Pokémon Sun roms will quickly become outdated.  There are new websites constantly coming online.  Existing websites may become outdated or provide older versions of the software.  Still yet, other websites may even shut down and stop providing the rom.  Consider doing a search engine query to see what comes up and then judge those results against what people are suggesting you use.  With a small amount of research, you can save yourself the hassle of battling bugs, viruses, and worse.

Putting It All Together

Year after year, Pokémon manages to capture our imagination and bring us back in.  Providing an engaging word, Pokémon Sun continues this proud tradition and leaves us wanting more.  As discussed above, installing a Pokémon Sun mod is all about having the right hardware, software, and source.  While it may take some time, you will be able to get a Pokémon Sun rom working.  For now, begin by getting informed and good luck!